ABOUT BAllot the dog 

 – Lisa Losasso Jackson, Creator

Ballot and his friends show how easy it is to vote in Texas. Social media and videos promote voter registration, early vote, and what it’s like to vote. The vision is to bring excitement, education, and positive energy to voting and civic participation.  Ballot the Dog targets young voters, first time voters, busy voters, and future voters. 

I launched Ballot in 2008 with a strong focus on educating voters about down ballot candidates. In 2012, his message was more generalized, but still focused on voter education. During the 2018 midterms, the Down Ballot campaign really took off by promoting public education as an issue. Moreover, it emphasized the simplification of voting. In a matter of one week, the site generated 15K views. 

Two years later, and in time for the 2020 general election in Texas, Ballot has gone through a major redesign. This includes both 2D and 3D animations. A lot of pent-up energy fueled the creative process this past spring and summer! Ballot the Dog became my side project and labor of love.

It’s been a twelve year process to get this little dog, who was based on my sweet cairn terrier, Indy, from a rough photo to a fully developed character (who now includes elements of my husband’s and my current dog, Lambeau). 🙂

Ballot the Dog is produced and funded by our small production and marketing company, 11 Productions. 

When it comes to the future, the possibilities are wide open! For the 2020 election, the focus is on Texas and promoting the voting process here. It’s also exciting to think about how Ballot the Dog could inspire younger, future voters.

Interested in supporting Ballot or bringing him to your state or initiative? I’d love to hear from you! Please see the contact area below. 

Learn more about the journey by visiting Ballot the Dog on YouTube.


Ballot does not endorse candidates or parties. His values are rooted in kindness, integrity, respect, and justice. Through stories and profiles on Instagram and Facebook, the characters all have their own values and issues that matter to them. Get to know them on @BallotTheDog social channels.




Lisa Losasso Jackson Ballot the Dog Campaign 11 Productions

lisa losasso jackson

creator, producer, and ballot’s choreographer

Jackson Michael

michael jackson

composer, audio engineer


Lauren Habhegger social media

lauren Habhegger

social media manager


Ballot the Dog Illustrator

genivieve mahoney

illustrator, storyboard artist


clark james




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